cnskillz crew. graffiti. for real.
graffiti art by ate1 graffiti art by efas graffiti art by meric graffiti art by moritz graffiti art by neck graffiti art by scien & klor graffiti art by seak

Character artist and Funk/Soul/House-DJ. Straight oldschool bboy-characters and the beats to get them dancing... During the day, he's your average John Doe, living a normal life with a mansion, a pool, buxom butler-babes and a dog.

At the fall of dusk, though, a metamorphosis into Ate One happens. With his pimp-shades on and a cool swing in his groin, he shows off breathtaking finger acrobatics using a paintbrush and a record-needle to unveil his true self.

This one is deeply rooted in hip-hop and defined through funk, breakbeats and house. So he keeps jetting around the world, chasing the night, always sure to have packed a fat batch of vinyl, so the groove never ends.

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